July 2018 – AccessLab

David took part in this event, set up by FoAM Kernow in collaboration with NERC and the British Science Association. By pairing researchers with members of the public, AccessLab aims to increase accessibility of research, to introduce members of the public to finding and judging scientific information, as well as to make scientists aware of the limited impact research can have if it is locked behind paywalls or otherwise inaccessible.


December 2017 – The Science of Christmas

In this event held by the University of Exeter, David was one of the scientists presenting their Christmas-themed research to a family audience, aimed at children from 7-12. Comparing CRISPR to elves, Santa’s little helpers, and conjugative plasmid spread to presents being passed around, he themed his presentation around sorting naughty (antibiotic resistant) bacteria from the nice.


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